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  1. Galagdina А.А., Dmytrenko R.R., Bambuliak А.V. Diagnostics of ischemic-reperfusion damage of the brain in rats afflicted with diabetes mellitus. Deutscher Wissenschaftsherold. 2017; 4:3-5
  2. Guranych S.P., Voronych-Semchenko N.M., Guranych Т.V. Macro- and microelement status of rats with insulin resistance against the ground of iodine deficiency. Deutscher Wissenschaftsherold. 2017; 4:6-9
  3. Fedyshyn T.V., Maliar V.V., Maliar V.A. Peculiarities of utero-placental blood circulation formation in women with spontaneous and recurrent miscarriages associated with vagina dysbiosis. Deutscher Wissenschaftsherold. 2017; 4:10-12
  4. Rusnak V.F., Bedyk V.V. Growth of the pharynx at the end of the fetal stage of human ontogenesis Deutscher Wissenschaftsherold. 2017; 4:13-15
  5. Teplytskyi S.S. Formation and development of the skin on the palmar surface of the hand throughout the period of prenatal ontogenesis and its importance in dermatoglyphics. Deutscher Wissenschaftsherold. 2017; 4: 16-19
  6. Tkachuk N.P., Bilookyi V.V., Gyrla Ya.V., Sheremet M.I. Evaluating the efficiency of the scale for prediction of post-operational relapse in patients with nodular goiters. Deutscher Wissenschaftsherold. 2017; 4:20 -23
  7. Yemelyanenko N.R. Anatomical transformations of the nasal septum in childhood Deutscher Wissenschaftsherold. 2017; 4:24
  8. Kavun M.P. Morphogenesis of the hepatic-duodenum ligament in early ontogenesis of the human. Deutscher Wissenschaftsherold. 2017; 4:26 - 27
  9. Kotyuzhinskaya S.G., Umansky D.A. Functional state of lipitransport system in patients with athersclerosis with fatty load. Deutscher Wissenschaftsherold. 2017; 4:28-31
  10. Lomakina Yu.V., Burdeina M.P. Stress-associated changes in the excretory function of the kidneys in old rats under the conditions of a usual light period. Deutscher Wissenschaftsherold. 2017; 4:32 -34
  11. Malyar V.V. Structural and functional features of fetal membranes in pregnant women with moderate idiopathic oligo- and polyhydramnios. Deutscher Wissenschaftsherold. 2017; 4:35 -37
  12. Nesterak R.V., Gasyuk M.B. Pilot investigation of the method of interactive training of patients at the stage of medical rehabilitation and treatment. Deutscher Wissenschaftsherold. 2017; 4:38 -41
  13. Pecheryaga S.V., Marinchina I.M. Features of hemodynamic changes in spiral arteries with low placentation at the early gestational age. Deutscher Wissenschaftsherold. 2017; 4:42 -43
  14. Pschychenko V.V., Cherno V.S., Frenkel Yu.D. The status of extraorganic blood flow in pineal gland of rats under conditions of acute stress and twenty-four hour darkness. Deutscher Wissenschaftsherold. 2017; 4: 44 -46
  15. Reshetilova N.B., Glubochenko O.V., Kulish N.M., Dudko A.G. Formation of anterior cerebral vesicle cavities at the 5th week of the embryonic period. Deutscher Wissenschaftsherold. 2017; 4:47 -49
  16. Riznichuk M.O., Galitskaya V.O., Dyhodyuk Yu.V., Kravchuk Yu.V., Vakaryuk O.V. Prader-willi syndrome, diagnostics and currency features. Deutscher Wissenschaftsherold. 2017; 4:50 -51
  17. Shalamay U.P., Pavlikivska B.M., Voronich-Semchenko N.M. The state of autonomous heart regulation in adolescents with light iodine deficiency and latent iron deficiency. Deutscher Wissenschaftsherold. 2017; 4:52 -57
  18. Shutova N.А., Nikolayeva О.V., Sulkhdost І.О. Electromagnetic radiation impact on the cellular prottective mechanisms in experiment. Deutscher Wissenschaftsherold. 2017; 4:58 -60
  19. Yasnikovska S.M., Hrytsak H. Evaluation of clinic-laboratory and ultrasonic research results in different forms of the chorion's pathology in the first three-month of gestation Deutscher Wissenschaftsherold. 2017; 4:61
  20. Yashchyshyn Z.M., Zaiats L.M., Yurkiv I.Y., Maslyak K.T., Vodoslavska N.Y., Sikomas М.Т. Changes in neuroglial interrelation of muscle-intestinal nerve plexus of esophagus after one-sided crossing of vagosympathetic trunk. Deutscher Wissenschaftsherold. 2017; 4:64 -66
  21. Navarchuk N.M., Kosteniuk S.V. Morphogenesis of the dentognathic apparatus during the early times of the human ontogenesis. Deutscher Wissenschaftsherold. 2017; 4:67 -69
  22. Rusnak V.F., Bedyk V.V. Features of pharyngeal morphogenesis in five-week embryos. Deutscher Wissenschaftsherold. 2017; 4:70 -71
  23. Talanova O.S, Apt O.A. Specifics of distribution of glycosaminoglycans in the white pulp of the spleen and stroma of rats after experimental modeling injection inside the fetus of antigens of different nature. Deutscher Wissenschaftsherold. 2017; 4:72 -73
  24. Pivtorak K.V., Mazur I.A., Voloshin M.A. Correction of metabolic disorders caused by nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Deutscher Wissenschaftsherold. 2017; 4:74 -77
  25. Rozhko V.I. Research of content correlation of immunoglobulins and lisozyme in oral fluid of children with rampant caries against the background of gastro-intestinal diseases Deutscher Wissenschaftsherold. 2017; 4:78 - 79
  26. Karavan Ya.R., Havaleshko V.P. Up-to-date anesthetic possibilities in dentistry practice in diagnosis of the patient’s allergic status. Deutscher Wissenschaftsherold. 2017; 4:80 - 83









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