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Juni 2015

Magazine "Deutscher Wissenschaftsherold - German Science Herald" ISSN (print) 2509-4327, ISSN (online) 2510-4780 is a peer-reviewed, Open Access scientific journal whose thematic focus - popularization of achievements in a wide range of science fields. The main aim of editorial board is mediation between a researcher and a reader, for the most complete presentation of new scientific achievements in the world and Europe. The journal publishes original research articles, analytical reviews, lectures and main messages on topical issues of modern science. The magazine is indexed and cataloged by: Crossref (DOI) via mEDRA, Google Scholar, the German National Library, online libraries of most German universities (list), Index Copernicus, WorldCat, MIAR database Universitat de Barselona, Universitätsbibliothek Leipzig, Göttinger Universitätskatalog, KIT-Bibliothek: Karlsruhe Virtual Katalog, Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek and many other scholar databases. According to Scopus requirements, our journal uses Vancouver Citing & Referencing style.



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