Instructions for authors


German Science Herald


 Requirements for the admission of an article

The admissions of an article to the editor should be guided by the following rules:

1. Articles are accepted in electronic form (Micrisoft Word file). The text should be typed with 1.5 line spacing on A4 paper (210 x 297 mm). Field sizes: top - 20 mm, bottom - 20 mm left - 30 mm, right - 20 mm.

When typing on the computer using the font Times New Roman Cyr 14-point, black width adjustment.

The first line of a paragraph - indent 12.5 mm.

2. On the last page of the text, please, indicate the surname, first name, telephone number (office, mobile, home), the author, with whom editors can be  contacted.

3.  Articles published in the journal in English and German. Authors may admit also articles written in Russian  and Ukrainian languages ​​(translation into English or German language  can be provided by publisher).

3. Article structure:

  • Initials and surname of the author (authors) in the original language and in English
  • The title, the title of all authors, the name of the institution where the work was done, the city where the institution is located, the country, the address for correspondence (preferably e-mail and postal address for receiving the copy)
  • Summary.
  • Keywords.

(For original research)

  • Introduction.
  • Purpose of the study.
  • Material and methods.
  • Results of the study.
  • Discussion.
  • Conclusions.
  • Prospects for further research.
  • References (ATTENTION/According to Scopus requirements, our journal uses Vancouver Citing & Referencing style.):

- Only Latin!

- When creating a list of references, use English versions of the names of articles, journals and authors' surnames.

- Do not forget that any article you refer to in the list of references, published in Cyrillic (Ukrainian, Russian, etc.) has an official translation of the name Latin (English), which is usually displayed in the summary;

- Most of the magazines have an official name in Latin;

- So, when forming the list of references, use the English version of the title of the magazine, the English version of the title of the article (from the summary) and the English version of the authors' surnames;

- In the absence of an English version of the title of the journal and article, use transliteration (the )

- list of references  is desirable to use in Vancouver style (see sample 1, sample 2)

Initials and Name(s) of author (s) in the original language and in English

The name of the institution where the work is done (the city where the institution is located, the country).

4. The electronic version of the article should be sent to the address:  The article should be sent with Acquittance Revers in order to give us legal rights to publish your article. Please download it, sign and send copy to our e-mail, and original to our postal address.

5. After the editorial board  review you will receive a message with  account and methods of payment (bank transfer, PayPal).

6. Please, pay the services to  proceed  publication.

If you wish to receive additional printed copies of the magazine, please indicate this in an e-mail sent with the article. You also will have to pay a cost of shipping stated in a bill.

7. After the release of the magazine we will send you a printed copy of the publication to the mailing address that you have provided.