2 / 2017


German Science Herald

  1. Yasnikovska S.M. Peculiarities of pregnancy progress in women with corrected isthmiccervial incompetence
  2. Shkolnikov V.S., Zalevskiy L.L., Zalevska I.V. Structural organization of the cerebellum of 17-18 week human fetuses during intrauterine development
  3. Khmara T.V., Okrim І.І., Biriuk І.G., Komar T.V., Khmara A.B.  Topographic-anatomical peculiarities of blood supply and innervation of the mediastinum in human fetuses
  4. Tkachenko P.V. Clinical-morphological prognostic characteristics of prostate cancer
  5. Sasina O.S. Psychohygienic aspects of training of disabled adolescents with pathology of the vision (literature review)
  6. Banul B.Yu. Development of paramesonephric ducts and their derivatives at the end of embryonic period of human ontogenesis
  7. Niankovskyi S.L., Gorodylovska M.I. Heterogeneity of esophagitis in schoolchildren 
  8. Yevtushenko I.Y, Padalitsa M.A, Goryainova G.V. Age features of cervical arch and height of human renal calyces in mature and elderly ages
  9. Vepriuk Y., Rohovyy Y., Tovkach Y., Rykhlo I. Characteristic of aluminum salts influence on indexes of ion regulative renal function in mature and immature rats against the background of the pineal gland hyperfunction
  10. Zakharchuk О.І., Kryvchanska М.І. Chronoregulating and rhythm-stabilizing role of melatonin in seasonal structure of circadian rhythms of non-specific immunity indices with aging
  11. Kachko G.О., Оmelchenko Е.М., Pedan L.R., Polka О.О. Characteristics of congenital pathology with inherited and multifactorial nature in children of Kyiv region
  12. Kosilova S.Y. Metabolic disorders in women depending on menopause duration
  13. Kotelban А.V., Godovanets О.І., Burdeniuk І.P. Peculiarities of administration of antiseptic drugs in children suffering from chronic catarrhal gingivitis under conditions of diabetes mellitus
  14. Reshetilova N.B., Navarchuk N.М., Popeliuk О.-М.V., Glubochenko О.V., Kulish N.М. Topographic peculiarities of the anterior cerebral vesicle on the 4th week of the embryonic period
  15. Fik V.B., Paltov Y.V., Lohash M.V., Kryvko Y.Y. Peculiarities of morphological manifestation of the periodontal tissue in experimental animals against the ground of a short-term effect of opiod analgesic
  16. Khomenko V.G. Renal tissue fibrinolysis against the ground of stress and xenobiotics
  17. Dudenko V.G., Vdovychenko V.Yu., Kurinnoy V.V. Spatial topography of the diaphragm in the sagittal plane in women
  18. Avdieyev Oleksandr, Dziubak Sergii Epidemiological analysis of dental diseases among individuals exposed to unfavourable psychoemotional surroundings
  19. Andriets M. M., Andriets V.I. Psychological aspects of physical culture and sport
  20. Malanchuk L.M., Kryvytska G.O. Analysis of folic acid level in the blood of women with fetal loss syndrome
  21. Bambuliak А.V., Galagdina А.А., Boychuk О.М. Diagnostics of the frontal sinus development with adjacent structures in the prenatal period of human ontogenesis
  22. Kryvetskyi V.V., Narsiya V.I., Kryvetskyi I.V. Blood supply of the cervical region of the vertebral column during the fetal period and in newborns
  23. Pavlovych L.B., Bilous I.I.The indicators of stimulation electroneuromyography in patients with diabetic polyneuropathy