3 / 2017


German Science Herald

  1. Grechko S.І., Trefanenko І.V., Shumko G.I., Shuper V.O., Reva T.V. Combined control of the heart rhythm in patients with acure coronary syndrome
  2. Dudenko V.G., Avrunin О.G., Tymkovych М.Yu., Kurinnyi V.V. Construction of a statistical three-dimensional model of the human diaphragm on the basis of tomogrpahy findings
  3. Sakhatska I.M. Market analysis on medicinal plant raw material
  4. Kondratiuk О.S., Korshun М.М., Garkavyi S.І. Adaptive capacity assessment of primary school children in case of various forms of organizaion of physical training classes
  5. Kononova O.V. Influence of psychosomatic conditions on the periodontal tissue of patients
  6. Pavlovych L.B., Bilous I.I. Pathogenetic treatment of diabetic polyneuropathy
  7. Badiuk M.I., Shevchuk O.S., Birуuk I.G., Kukovska I.L., Kovalchuk P.E., Sykyrytska T.B. Developmental features of up-to-date combatants psychological support
  8. Dmytrenko R.R., Galagdina А.А. Age functional peculiarities of the gingival tissue response in rats to discontinuous hypobaric hypoxia and photoperiod of a different duration
  9. Masoumikia R.Y., Ganbarov Kh.G., Abdullayeva N.A., Youshari N. Screening, isolation and identification lactic acid bacteria with probiotic potential from traditional dairy products of Azerbaijan
  10. Melnik A.V. Effect of polyphenol compounds on the aorta state in male and female rats under conditions of hyperhomocysteinaemia
  11. Kholodkova O., Prus R., Sadovska Y., Horiuk I., Ternovyi D. Peculiarities of structural changes in the liver, myocardium and kidneys of rats at different age under conditions of craniocerebral injury
  12. Arzu Kaska, Nahide Deniz, Ramazan Mammadov. Antioxidative capacities and phenolic compounds of various extracts of Аubrieta Dltoidea
  13. Goshovska A.V., Goshovskyi V.M., Proniayev D.V., Sharhan V.I. Assessment of intrauterine fetal condition in women with prolonged pregnancy
  14. Cherkasova V.V. Oxidative stress in case of acute pancreatitis and under conditions of dexamethasone correction
  15. Polianskyi І.Yu., Moroz P.V. Peculiarities of immunological and metabolic disorders in case of diffuse peritonitis with different variants of IL1β (-511 с/т) gene
  16. Kryvetska I.I. Pedagogical innovations personality oriented approach in the doctor's professional training system
  17. Fochuk P., Kasiyanchuk M., Kasiyanchuk R., Kramer B. Morphological background saving opportunities for adaptive soft tissue to the second stage of dental implantation
  18. Batih V.M., Ivanitska O.V., Borysenko A.V., Lynovytska L.V. Treatment of chronic apical periodontitis in patients with prevalent parasympathic vegetative nervous system
  19. Boychuk О.М., Bambuliak А.V., Galagdina А.А., Dmytrenko R.R. Assessment of the ethmoid bone size in the perinatal period of human ontogenesis and infants
  20. Fedoruk О.S., Vizniuk V.V. Analysis of morphological examination of animal kidneys under conditions of ozone therapy
  21. Kurta S.A., Ribun V.S., Fedorchenko S.V. Dewaxing of motor fuels is the complex method of increasing the octane and cetane numbers of gasoline and diesel